a few words about us

We believe that everyone can make a beautiful painting
Yes Everyone. We don't care what your art teacher said about you.
And you know what? You can have fun at it too. Our promise is that you will have a fabulous time, with your best friends, drinking your favorite drinks.
How do we do it? Because you bring your own best friends, and your own favorite drink!
Life can be hectic and stressful
Join us, and forget about all that for a few hours. When was the last time you took some time for yourself, and aspired to create art?

And the most amazing part? It's easy and fun. You'll do it while drinking wine, having a conversation, and solving world problems with friends

what we offer

You will impress yourself
We really can't say that any stronger. Sure, you will impress your husband and friends, your family (even the in-laws!) and your art teacher. But the hardest person to impress is yourself.

Let us be part of your night out, your "you-time" or special event. We even do corporate events and private parties. Here are some ideas for you

A word to the fellas

When was your last Date night with your wife? Sure, you can go to the movies. But how about sweeping her off her feet?

If you have been dodging dance lessons, here's a chance to score major points and solidify your position as "Best Husband Ever". Trust me - take her to our art class, bring your own drinks and you'll have the night of your life

The fun place

It's Party Time
Sure - we give art instructions - but our pledge to you is to have a great time. We are an entertainment company - who happen to teach painting classes. Talent? not needed. Artistic knowledge? Optional. Smiles? Better believe it.
We built this place on smiles. So roll in your coolers and be ready to have a good time. Because in here - it's always party time!

our belief

We belief that everyone - and we mean everyone - can create a beautiful painting in three hours or less

happy times

our mission

Provide the friendliest, most relaxed and fun atmosphere for you and your friends to paint, sip, talk and be happy