Tea Parties at Paint Until You Faint

All the girls are showing off their hand-made Tiaras and hand-fans
Look at those princesses showing off their handmade tiaras and hand-fans
Tea Parties at Paint Until You Faint: The newest craze for birthday parties and events with friends.

The tearoom is a magnificent venue for a ladies luncheon. On these ocasions, tea is served and Ladies can bring in their own goodies. It is also a perfect venue for friends reunions and baby-showers.

For the little ladies

Blow the candles, Birthday Girl!
Little Princess Birthday Girl is getting ready to blow her candles
Organize your tea party at Paint Until You Faint and create your own beautiful crown and fan!

A local artist will assist you step-by-step to create a crown/tiara and a fan. After you have had fun with this creative activity, it is time to gather with your friends in the tearoom, put on the boa's and have your own 'sip, talk and be happy' social event. Of course you will be using your newly created accessories.

Afterwards, you can take your crown and fan home with you.