Price Information

Princess party
Duration: 3 Hours
Party size: up to 12 girls
Price: $300.-

  • Decorating & painting Tiaras
  • Decorating & panting Hand-Fans
  • Use of the Tea Room, Porcelain Tea cups & saucers, Porcelain Tea pots, and Crystal cake trays.
  • Nail Polishing for 12 girls
  • Personalized ‘Crown’ Painting, signed by all the girls attending the party

You get to bring your own cupcakes or cake, drinks (to be served in our Tea Pots), and anything else you would like to add to make this event an even more memorable day


The origin of afternoon tea
The origin of the mid-afternoon tea is credited to Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who conquered the weak feeling at four in the afternoon by having tea and breadstuffs.

In time she invited friends and the tea party was born. 1840 is the given date for this historic moment, and by 1880, the country was following the Duchess' lead, and tea shops were in vogue.

our mission

Provide the friendliest, most relaxed and fun atmosphere for you and your friends to sip, talk and be happy