About the Tearoom

The Most Amazing and Memorable Girls Tea Parties are in the Tearoom at Paint Until You Faint.
The Teaparty starts with a fun filled hour of decorating tiara's with paint, bling and feathers. Next, we decorate a hand fan to match the tiara's.
Enter the Tearoom
At last, we prepare ourselves to enter the tearoom where Tea will be served to our newly crowned princesses with iced tea and cupcakes.

The Tearoom is a special place for girls and ladies of all ages, where a girl can feel as girly as she possibly can. A breathtaking place where she can share that special moment with all her intimate friends.

what we offer

You will impress yourself
Our Tea Room is a sanctuary of elegance – uniquely suited for your special party. It is the perfect venue for a baby shower, a Princess’ Birthday Party, or a ‘High-Tea Reunion’, to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Let us be part of your night out, your "you-time" or special event. We also do corporate events and (of course) private parties.


The origin of afternoon tea
The origin of the mid-afternoon tea is credited to Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who conquered the weak feeling at four in the afternoon by having tea and breadstuffs.

In time she invited friends and the tea party was born. 1840 is the given date for this historic moment, and by 1880, the country was following the Duchess' lead, and tea shops were in vogue.

our mission

Provide the friendliest, most relaxed and fun atmosphere for you and your friends to sip, talk and be happy