Fancy Peacock

Sip and Paint Art Class for painting: Fancy Peacock Paint Until You Faint: Home for a fun evening out with friends while creating your own beautiful piece of art: Fancy Peacock! Bring your own wine or other drinks and paint a picture step-by-step. A local artist will show you how to paint your own beautiful masterpiece, which you can take home at the end of the evening Fancy Peacock
Painting Fancy Peacock
Price $ 40.00
On 25 Aug 2017
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A group of peafowl is called a "party" or a "pride"!
The Indian peafowl is the national bird of India and is protected in that country. In the Hindu religion, the peafowl is a sacred bird, because the spots on the peacock’s tail symbolize the eyes of the gods.

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We have used a generic painting to show how a painting is created during art-class

Paint Until You Faint 5503B FM 359 Rd, Richmond, TX Art Class Tickets $40.00 till Full-price tickets $40.00