Fall Tree Family Pallet Painting

$ 55.00
Fall Tree Family Pallet Painting
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This is a family class! You will paint one 14"x24" wood pallet sign per family.

This collaborative family art project makes a lovely holiday keepsake for your home or gift for loved ones.

How it works:
1. Make your reservation online. One reservation per family (up to 6 painters per family per reservation). You will receive an email confirmation.
3. Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class to sign in and choose your seat.
4. Bring your family to add their fingerprints to the sign. We can accommodate a maximum of 6 people per family on one pallet.
5. You'll get to choose from stain and/or paint to create a beautiful sign for your home.

Please note:
- We ask for a minimum of 4 families to hold this class.
please notify me when this painting is added to the calendar

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